Angelic on the outside, crafty on the inside...I've got the trustworthy innocence of Alexis Bledel with the mischievous edge of Christina Ricci.

I'm a NYC based actor who can be seen in numerous independent films, television spots, and various stage productions. I'm currently in Pennsylvania in rehearsal for William Inge's 'BUS STOP' with the Bristol Riverside Theatre (opening October 1st). Prior to that, I was performing in 'A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM' at the Gene Frankel Theatre (where I played all four lovers, switching throughout the play as per audience choice!), and completeled a tour of Shakespeare's 'TITUS ANDRONICUS' with the Hudson Shakespeare Company. In the upcoming year, I can be seen in the independent films 'SLIP' (dir. Sam Day), 'MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY' (dir. Jim Bentley), and 'BLOODLINES' (dir. Peter Frizalone). I can also be found in the Chevy Super Bowl commercial 'Happy Grad', and in a national web campaign for eBay. And be on the lookout for Season Two of the award winning comedy series 'PLANT' which will begin airing this winter (my character will be caught up in even crazier shenanigans than in Season One!) 



Catch ya later!